Our Newest Glass Selection

We were just lucky enough to acquire a solid amount of top notch glass! Come on in and check out our premium selection water pipes, pipes, dabbers and a whole bunch more. Just as a little preview here’s Carmen showing off the latest and greatest from HiSi: A tripple perc honey comb with an ice catcher and another U perc to ensure the optimal smoking experience!



The iTaste 134 is a microprocessor-controlled VW personal vaporizer that lets you easily adjust the wattage with a rotational wheel. Also it has a strong and appealing protective casing around the whole unit. It has been one of our most popular E-Cigs on the shelf for good reason. Come and check it out!

The new iTaste 134

The new iTaste 134

More glass pieces to see!

Today is football day! But if your favorite team is not playing at the moment, stop by our shop and take a closer look at our glass products! We are proud of our work that we are providing for our consumers to choose from.

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We are coming up with new ideas for the color schemes for products! We are enjoying those new colors we have experimented with! Come in and take a closer look!

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We make our own custom dabbers in wide variety of colors available for our customers to choose from. Come in our shop and take a look at them!


Custom Oil Domes in Stock!

We now provide our own custom oil domes for customers to purchase!

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Our custom glass products inventory is getting bigger everyday!

We are still making our own custom glass products everyday and applying our own unique artwork to it. We are proud of our work and we make sure we provide  the best quality possible for our consumers. Come in and take a closer look at our products and you will see what we mean!

New Arrival – Herb Iron

We are pleased to announce that Herb Irons have arrived in our store! It is a more cleaner and efficient way of enjoying your herbs and tobacco instead of using lighter fluid products.

Dragon Blood Glass

Every warrior needs a special item in their inventory when they go on a long adventure in Skyrim. This dragon blood glass will suit your needs.  It is now for sale.


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